The culture of making and drinking coffee in Italy

In Italy, they love coffee so much and drink it so much that they have come up with many ways to prepare it.

Italians prepare coffee for breakfast, together or instead of smoke breaks and, of course, after a meal, along with dessert.

The classic type of coffee, also called “normale” (from “normale” – ordinary), is considered espresso. What is served in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, like espresso, is most often very different from its Italian counterpart

Italian espresso

it is a velvety dense foam with a golden sheen, covering the entire surface of the coffee in the cup, a soft aroma that fills the whole room and makes you forget about everything. The perfect, balanced, pronounced taste of real Italian espresso cannot be described in words.

According to the rules of coffee etiquette, espresso is served in a thick-walled porcelain cup shaped like a truncated ellipse. The standard volume of such a cup is 75 ml, but the contents, depending on the type of coffee, should take from 25 to 50 ml.

This serving maximizes the taste and aroma of coffee. In bars, a special master, called a barista, is engaged in brewing coffee.


The most popular type of coffee, of course, is espresso. Its reduced version – ristretto is a standard portion of ground coffee, but in the amount of 1 sip, i.e. 20 ml. This coffee contains more flavor and less caffeine than its classic counterpart.

Watch a video about 10 types of coffee drinks popular in Italy:


This is espresso diluted with hot water to double its volume. Such coffee contains more caffeine, due to the longer passage of water through the ground coffee.


espresso with a lot of milk foam reaching to the rim of the cup. From above, airy foam is sprinkled with cocoa powder or grated chocolate. Professional baristas use milk and chocolate to make a drawing on its surface.

In Italy, it is customary to drink coffee with milk before lunchtime, i. until 11 o’clock. For example, a cup of fragrant cappuccino, a croissant and freshly squeezed orange juice is considered a typical first breakfast. Cappuccino is served in a preheated porcelain cup.


it is a full teapot of coffee (up to 470 ml) prepared with one serving of ground coffee. The Italians call this coffee aqua sporka, which means dirty water. The true American way of brewing uses a filter coffee maker. In Europe, the brewing of the Americano has changed, and the classic espresso is simply diluted with hot water to a volume of 120 ml.


one of the options for coffee with milk. Practically, this is milk with the addition of milk foam, diluted with a small amount of coffee. Moreover, coffee is poured into the heated milk in a very thin stream, and not vice versa. Served in a tall transparent glass of 200 ml.

Mocha or Mochachino

This is a type of coffee latte. In this case, one third of the drink is espresso, and the remaining two thirds is hot chocolate, milk and whipped cream. Very tasty.

Macchiato Macchiato

espresso with a little milk added. It is also called marbled or soiled coffee.


coffee for those who do not have enough coffee strength, and then a portion of alcohol is added to the espresso. It can be whiskey, grappa or liquor. Moreover, depending on the type of alcoholic beverage, you can determine the possible homeland of the recipe.

  • whiskey coffee is Irish coffee;
  • with vodka – coffee in Russian;
  • with gin – coffee in English;
  • with schnapps – coffee in German.

Classic Italian is coffee with the addition of amaretto.


it’s a shot of espresso topped with ice cream. Coffee before adding ice cream is cooled to approximately 10 degrees Celsius. Ice cream makes up a quarter of the total. As an addition, chocolate, cinnamon and caramel can be used.


espresso with a little lemon juice.

What is the best coffee

Despite the myth that is very popular all over the world that the best coffee is produced in Italy, we are forced to disappoint you.

Coffee is not produced in Italy. Due to climatic conditions, coffee trees are not grown in this country. It’s just that the Italians are very fond of this stimulating drink. For them, coffee is essential.

That is why Italy produces the best coffee blends that have won the love of both simple coffee lovers and avid coffee lovers all over the world. There are many coffee roasting companies in the country. Almost every one of them produces good quality beans suitable for further use in both espresso machines and home coffee machines.

Italians believe that coffee, in addition to good quality, should also be affordable. Therefore, coffee, including for export, is prepared in such a way that the espresso obtained from it is above average in quality. Each region of Italy has its favorite supplier of coffee beans. Next to the signs of bars, there is usually a logo with the type of coffee served in this institution. Large retail chains are also trying to sell roasted coffee beans under their own brand.

The best brands of Italian coffee are deservedly considered Lavazza, Illy, Cartapani and Trombetta. The Illy brand is owned by the Illy family of Triete, and Lavazza was founded in 1895 as a small family business by Luigi Lavazza. In the 18th century, no one could have imagined that a family business in two hundred years would become a sales leader in dozens of countries around the world. Today, the offices of this company are located in the capitals of many countries around the world.

Despite such a resounding success and wide distribution, the Lavazza family still continues to carefully preserve the recipes and knowledge bequeathed to them by their great-grandfather, the founder. The company controls the process of creating coffee, from harvesting the fruit to roasting and grinding.