Dessert for coffee in Italy

Tiramisu is a traditional Italian coffee dessert.

And although today this delicious dessert is prepared all over the world, it was born in Italy. The associations that arise in the head with the word tiramisu are tender cheese, airy cookies, dark chocolate and, of course, coffee … real, hot, thick, fragrant with a slight bitterness. To prepare this culinary miracle, soft Italian mascarpone cheese is used.

In appearance, it looks like very thick cream, and in taste it resembles not sour cottage cheese at all. The second essential element of tiramisu is savoiardi biscuit glazed with sugar crumbs.

Biscuit fingers are soaked in a mixture of strong black coffee and alcohol. Alcohol can be cognac, brandy or a liqueur, such as coffee. Soaked cookies are layered with delicious cheese, and topped with grated black chocolate. If the cake will be served on the children’s table, then strong drinks should be excluded from the recipe.

The only drawback of this marvelous dessert is its high calorie content. Therefore, those who are prone to overweight should probably not get carried away with such a tempting tiramisu. But to try a small piece is simply necessary.

How to prepare coffee correctly?

Coffee lovers should remember that high-quality coffee beans, proper roasting and optimal grinding are only half the way to a magical aromatic drink. You also need to know how to make coffee properly. A serving of classic coffee is almost 99% water.
Accordingly, the quality of this component affects the quality of the drink no less than the coffee beans themselves.

Coffee tastes best when cold, not hard, fresh, oxygenated water is used. Practice has shown that if you prepare two servings of coffee with boiled warm water and fresh cold water, the difference will be obvious even to a non-taster.

Ways to make coffee at home  incredibly many

someone cooks in a Turk, someone has equipped their kitchen with an espresso machine, someone uses a good old geyser coffee maker. By the way, it is the geyser coffee maker (or as it is also called the cafetiere) that is based on the principle of the first espresso machine, which we mentioned at the beginning of the article.

So let’s get straight to the recipe.

We will cook in Turkey. First, add freshly ground coffee at the rate of 1 spoon per serving. Strong coffee lovers can add a little more, but I don’t advise you to cross the line of two spoons per serving, it turns out too much caffeine, and the taste completely changes. If you prefer coffee with sugar, we recommend adding it directly at the beginning of preparation, and not after before the drink is served on the table. I don’t know what the secret is, but the difference is palpable. Finally, fill everything with water and put on medium heat. A soft golden foam will begin to form on the surface. When it begins to rise, remove the Turk from the fire. In no case do not bring the drink to a boil! It is best to serve a Turk on the table, and let everyone pour coffee for himself. So he will not have time to cool down, because you cannot heat up the brewed coffee.

In conclusion

I would like to say that the taste of real coffee is influenced by many factors, ranging from the weather in which the fruits of the coffee tree ripened, storage conditions, the degree of roasting and grinding to the art of brewing the drink. To feel the fullness of the taste and aroma of truly Italian coffee, go to the southern part of Europe, to a country washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and warmed by the gentle southern sun.