Can you attract luck at the casino?

Players often win large sums of money at casinos. These are standard payouts and jackpots in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. How is it possible for someone to stay with big gains, while others settle for paltry returns, while others go into big losses? Casino luck is the only thing that separates winners from losers when playing with regular operators.

There are many methods that casino players use to attract luck. There could be an endless list, from the most popular to the unique, as individual players come up with. But do they work?

Uzfortunately, it’s all just prejudice. It’s all a matter of faith. If you believe that an item or number or whatever brings good luck, it doesn’t hurt and it makes the game more fun. However, this is of no practical use.

Never forget one thing when playing online games. Make sure you are at an honest casino and not blacklisted. Check the facility’s license and reputation. Then you’ll know how honest the operator is and if they’re stealing from players. After all, cheating is not about luck.

New Year’s Eve in casinos: the ban, signs and omens

Statistics show that among visitors Slots Empire login to the casino who believe in omens very much – 75% of men and 90% of women. And there’s nothing surprising about this.

Even the most calculating rational person, looking at the coincidences occurring at the gaming tables on New Year’s Eve, sooner or later begins to find them an explanation, contrary to the theory of probability.

After such cases, players begin to believe in all sorts of omens – a table is designed and stands according to feng shui or not according to feng shui, lucky clothes or the opposite and much more. Casino workers consider such customer behavior absolutely appropriate, because history is known to have successful examples when some people became lucky several times in a row and took out of the casino a tidy sum.

That is why New Year’s Eve in the casino is considered unique and turns into a set of rituals, which try to observe the guests of the gambling establishment. In this context, the omens can even be divided into several groups. Some of them concern general rules, others concern individual players, and still others are based on the horoscope.

Either way, casino players believe that they have a much better chance of winning on New Year’s Eve than on an ordinary night. Such players eagerly go to the casino to celebrate the New Year.

At each gaming table in a Chinese casino there must be a small ghost, which should be fed with sugar. The game of baccarat also requires the observance of certain rituals – before opening the cards you must say the word Deng (Cantonese dialect) or Ding (Mandarin dialect).

We should add that in the region of Macau, celebrating the Chinese New Year in casinos has become a tradition. In this regard, there is serious competition between the gambling establishments. To outdo their competitors, some casino owners try to offer visitors favorable solutions and make the environment special. Others attract players by giving out prizes and win-win lotteries. Still others lure in a high-tech dragon or discounts on the kitchen.

Returning to the tradition of celebrating New Year in a casino, we should add that players from different countries – Portugal, Luxembourg, the United States, Monaco and others – love to spend a celebratory night in a gambling establishment. They believe: starting the New Year with a win is the best sign of the coming year. Although not all are so lucky, players continue to go to the casino hoping for a Christmas or New Year’s Eve miracle.

What can not do casino players on New Year’s Eve?

Let’s talk about some of the beliefs that are common among players:

  • Before going to the casino is forbidden to look in the mirror. And if it breaks, it is better to think about the health of your loved ones, not about winning.
  • Do not wish the player to win, and also to lavish him with compliments. It is better to restrain emotions and less talk about winning or losing.
  • Do not tip during the game. It is better to thank the dealer after the game.
  • An unlucky card on New Year’s Eve is the four of clubs.
  • During the game do not change anything on the table. Even an ashtray full of cigarette butts should be removed after the game. Otherwise, you can lose your luck.
  • Shifting dice from hand to hand during craps is not good luck. In some casinos it is even forbidden by the rules.
  • If a man comes to the casino with a girl, she should be quiet during the game. If she suddenly says anything, the game better end and leave, as there will be no more luck.
  • Before placing a bet, players rub a chip on the bank for good luck.
  • When changing dealer, players with experience usually lower their bets.

Whether to follow omens or the Oriental calendar at the gaming table, it is up to each guest to decide.