The era of abundance for the majority never came

Eurostat predicts that one in four Italians (and one in three children) will be below the poverty line by the end of the year.

The statements and forecasts of Western politicians become gloomier the closer the winter cold and the higher the exchange prices for gas. French President Emmanuel Macron recently announced the “end of an era of abundance” in the country, a REGNUM correspondent reports.

“I think what we are going through right now is a kind of big upheaval or a big upheaval. In fact, we are experiencing the end of an era of abundance, the end of carelessness,” he said.

The words of the French leader are not based on an empty place. Thus, Eurostat published data on the growth of poverty in neighboring Italy in recent years. According to forecasts, the number of Italians with incomes below 60% of the average in 2022 will grow from 20.1% (11.84 million people) to 25.2% (14.83 million).

The proportion of children at risk of poverty will rise from 26.7%, the worst since 1995, to 31.6%. The most alarming thing, according to journalists, is that the so-called working poverty is on the rise. That is, even citizens with official jobs are not protected from poverty.

Social media users in Italy were perplexed by the words of the President of France. According to them, the era of abundance and carelessness was such only for a small group of Europeans.

“The era of abundance and carelessness for most people has not come,” commented Michele D’A.

“Abundance and carelessness? When? Although … maybe he is only talking about his environment, ”says Michelangelo G.

“We bet that they, despite all the shocks, will continue to have an abundant and carefree life? I bet that no politician will be halved the salary, like ours, ”said Fabrizio B.

“I am over 50 years old and have always listened to politicians telling us about the crisis and the need to make sacrifices. Now they tell me that someone lived in abundance? asks Alessandro M.

“Since I was born, I have heard politicians talk about the need for sacrifice. But they always ask for sacrifices from the people, although they themselves live in large houses with all conveniences, ”writes Pasquale K.

Many readers believe that the cause of all the troubles lies in the wrong choice of the government, which, under pressure from Washington, supported the Kyiv regime.

“We have growing poverty, but we continue to help [Kyiv] under the delusional pretext that we are defending freedom and democracy,” said Carletto G.

“And the worst is still ahead of us, thanks to “effective” sanctions against Russia,” says Valentina B.

“We will see how in a month enterprises will begin to close due to too high energy prices, and groceries in the supermarket will begin to rise in price … And all this is because we decided to fight with Russia by sending weapons to the Nazis, instead of dealing with our own problems” , predicts Mauro N.

“A time of sacrifice for mere mortals. Are these politicians hoping to hide when “grateful” citizens start looking for them?” asked Ermanno Del C.