Millennium tradition: Chinese gambling is popular all over the world

Some of the most popular games in China date back to ancient times. Even though they have been playing for thousands of years, they still have not lost their place, occupying a leading position in the category of casinos in Asia and the world.

We’ll cover historically popular games that are an integral part of modern casinos.

The game based on luck, bluffing and sound strategy originated in China thousands of years ago. Today, they are not only a fun hobby for millions of Asians, but also a huge number of avid gamers around the world.

Mahjong – a game played since the Qing Dynasty

One of the most famous ancient Asian games of chance. This is a strategic game with an emphasis on grabbing attention. Today, it is such an integral part of Asian culture that you can play it at most casinos.

Mahjong uses dominoes instead of cards, which sets it apart from most games. The goal of the game is to build a wall of tiles. Before the cards are dealt, the players place their bets. You can also place new bets after each round. All 136 cards are placed face up, and the players each receive 13 cards from the dealer (chosen by lot). Players then reveal their cards and combine them into three domino pairs. The first player to reach a winning combination of 14 cards must shout “Mahjong” to win the game.

Mahjong has captured the hearts of players from brick-and-mortar casinos to online gambling sites. Today, the game is more famous than ever – it’s been featured in many movies and evolved into a classic Microsoft Solitaire game of Mahjong.

Keno is a legendary Chinese game of chance

An ancient Chinese gambling game that is an extremely important part of Chinese history with its roots in the construction of the Great Wall of China. It was created as a fun and entertaining way to raise funds for the building of the monument.

To modern eyes, Keno is similar to the lottery and bingo games we all know and love. Each round of Keno games lasts 10 to 15 minutes. To play, you need paper and pencil and a Keno card with numbers from 1 to 80, stacked in 10 columns and 8 rows. Depending on the casino, players can choose up to 10 or up to 20 numbers from a list. The game dealer or an automatic generator determines the random number. The player who manages to guess the numbers wins. If you know how to play lotto and bingo, you can learn how to play keno because there are many similarities between them.

Although the sport started more than 2,000 years ago, it remains popular. Today, this classic game of chance can be played at the best casinos in Asia.

Sic Bo – roll the dice luck

This game is an important part of the Chinese identity, with a history that goes so far back in time that no one remembers who created it. Sic Bo has been around for thousands of years and has earned its place in Asian casinos across the continent.

Sic Bo is a traditional gambling game with three dice. It has two main gambling aspects – dice rolling and betting. Both of these processes take place at the Sic Bo table (similar to a roulette table). The goal of the game is to predict the numbers that will appear at the top after the dice are rolled. You can bet on one, two, or all three dice by placing your chips on the correct areas of the table.

At the beginning, the player chooses the amount to bet and places it on the table for the combination. There is no strategy in Sic Bo, everything depends on luck. After all bets are placed, the dealer shuffles the dice in a small container and opens it so everyone can see the numbers on the dice. The player either wins or loses after each roll of the dice.

Today, Sic Bo, which is based on pure luck, is played in Red Dog casino game around the world, but it is not as popular in other countries as it is in Asia.

Pai Gou – Chinese dominoes

Pai Gou is one of the most popular Chinese table games of chance, and its roots can be traced back to the Song dynasty.

The name of the game roughly translates to “collect nine,” which is the maximum number of points in this game. Pai Gow, played with a set of 32 Chinese dominoes, has seven players and a croupier. The game begins with a set of dominoes placed face down on the table, shuffled and stacked into eight stacks of four dominoes each. The players then place their bets. They are each given a stack of four tiles to form two hands, with two tiles in each hand. To win, both player’s hands must outnumber the dealer’s hands. If a player wins one hand and loses the other, it’s called a flush – he takes back the original bet he made. If the player has both hands higher than the dealer, the player wins.

It is interesting that so far Pai Gow is played mostly by experienced Asian gamblers. The game is a bit difficult to master, but the dealers usually help with advice. There is also a version of the game called Pai Gow Poker, which was invented in 1985 by an American named Sam Torosian. This game uses a deck of 52 cards and a joker instead of dominoes.

If you’re traveling in Asia – consider visiting a casino and trying one of these games. Most importantly, remember that gambling needs to be handled responsibly.

Omens and superstitions among gamblers

Continuing the theme of omens and superstitions among casino-players and gambling enthusiasts once again remember John Grochowski – journalist, author of a series of books on gambling. In his publications he did not ignore the attitude of casino visitors to all sorts of superstitions and omens:

  • Talismans and Amulets. John Grochowski once told the story of a woman who loved to play bingo. Her name was Rosemary, and she was, like many gamblers, very superstitious. And then one day she sat down at the gaming table, previously armed with all her talismans, among which was a small figurine of Elvis Presley in the form of a painter, literally on the first try she was lucky to guess five of the six numbers, After that “lucky” Elvis Presley keychain became for Rosemary an important part of life. Even after some time, when a gambling Rose changed from Bingo to the slot machines, she did not change her lucky charm.
  • Lucky Table. Another story about a craps player whose name was Quiton. According to his claims, he doesn’t need any talismans or rituals at all to make the game successful. He also does not particularly believe in luck, trusting more in various sciences. However, Quiton chooses his gaming table very carefully, sitting down only at a table where there is at least one person in a good mood, who has already accumulated a large number of winning chips. Of course, the chances of winning this fact in no way adds to the victory, but is guaranteed to raise the mood of others. Which is also important.
  • Smoothly enter the game. Among the avid video poker players are many women. One of them with a beautiful name Merlin, told about her invented way to bet on the slot machine Vulcan. From the outset, it bets on the minimum, and with each game increases it by one cent. And so bringing the bet to the maximum, Merlin, she again gradually reduces them to the initial figures. So it turns out that for the whole game Marilyn has several game periods.

Of course, this is not all the rites and rituals that gamblers use. Only you should not take them completely seriously, because none of them guarantees anything. On the other hand, if you have sat down to gamble, then there will probably be no harm from such rituals either.

How to attract luck in casino?

Amulets are the first thing a fortune hunter looks for, not just in a casino but in any other situation. Many people are born with items that attract invisible forces to benefit their owners. Put it under the heel, hold it in your hand, hang it around your neck… There are so many changes, you can’t stick to the rules here. If you think it’s appropriate to deal with good luck talismans, then do it.

The most popular lucky charms among casino players are horseshoes, clover and coins. In Asian cultures, the number eight is considered lucky, while the rest of the world is mostly the number seven. This can be played in a variety of ways: lucky numbers on clothing, in the form of key rings, and even twisting fingers into the correct shape. All options are available.

In general, not every item can be an amulet. Mainly it is believed that the player’s luck in the casino depends on it. Usually in movies about casinos, you can see how players believe that a certain person will bring them good luck. It’s not a bad choice either. Make someone your mascot, that same person can stop you when you’re playing.

The logic of the rituals is often difficult to understand, but some actions are considered lucky, or at least helpful in avoiding spooking her if she floats somewhere nearby. They can be combined with spells, or spoken words, which are also practiced by the players. Here are some popular good luck rituals:

  • Praying is probably one of the most popular actions.
  • Knocking on wood is also a very popular ritual. Both aim more at not chasing luck away.
  • Toss a coin in the water or wear red, it’s just a matter of luck.
  • There are also many superstitions associated with chips in brick-and-mortar casinos. They have to walk a special path or do something with them, like spinning.
  • Many people will repeat the previous operation after successfully playing the game. For example, wearing the same clothes, eating the same food, etc.
  • Feng Shui followers find special meaning in many ways, so if rituals aren’t enough for you, look to this teaching for inspiration and ideas.

Other rituals are also particularly applicable to individual games, such as:

  • Blow the dice;
  • Say the numbers on the roulette wheel out loud;
  • Say the correct card aloud, like playing blackjack.

Again, these popular rituals to lure gamblers to casinos are for reference only. Start with standard traditions, and then you can introduce your own observations of traditions that helped you win. Doesn’t necessarily adhere to any particular tradition, as it’s just an added entertainment and not really a prize aid by any means.

Slot Machines: How To Attract Your Luck

Slot machine luck is especially important when you are aiming for jackpots or crazy multipliers of just a few million. Slot players are not without superstitions. They use amulets or perform certain rituals like everyone else. However, they also have many ideas about how to attract luck for a particular slot.

When a person stands there staring at the screen intently, they are trying to win luck by playing a slot machine. Of course, players should remain seated, but small sacrifices don’t hurt. It’s likely that many will be excited to stand, but some players still believe it will help them win.

People are generally superstitious about cold and hot engines. At the same time believe in opposing views. Some think the cold groove should bring a big win soon. While others think that the slot should have been warmed up, and then good luck will smile on them.

The same superstition applies to coins dropped into slot machines. And, as the previous example shows, some people believe that it is necessary to toss cold coins for luck, while others believe that for the same luck, it is possible to sink in pre-rubbed warm coins for warmth.

Ozline and brick-and-mortar casinos think you should play new slot machines. It’s no longer just a matter of luck, but trusting that novelty comes first with greater rewards. Even though some people might just associate new slot machines with luck. Anyway, this is just unfounded speculation. In fact, the payouts do not change throughout the lifetime of the slot machine. But it’s not forbidden to believe it, no trouble.